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The M4- final at the Munich Games 1972 was one of the toughest in Olympic history:

"Frank Forberger, Frank Rühle, Dieter Grahn and Dieter Schubert, masters of their sport,

won after a most thrilling race - a tremendous duel! New Zealand and East Germany

startet at 39. At 500 metres, the East Germans led by 21/100 sec. At 1,000 metres,

the New Zealanders led by 92/100 sec. During the third quarter of the race, the New

Zealanders made an enormous effort which sent them past the 1,500 metre mark with

a lenght's lead. The East Germans did not lose heart. They pulled out all stops and came

back, to win in total exhaustion. It was their sixth FISA title since 1966 - the seventh,

in fact, for Dieter Schubert!" (Quote from "The FISA Centenary Book" by Jean-Louis

Meuret (1992), p. 162)



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